CNS Program Committee

The Program Committee consists of 12-13 members appointed by the OCNS Board, based on nominations by the Program Committee from candidates among the CNS attendees and OCNS membership. Program Committee members serve a term of three years.

2017 Program Committee



Anthony Burkitt

University of Melbourne, Australia

CNS Program Chair




Ingo Bojak

University of Reading, UK

CNS Publications Chair

Michael Hawrylycz

Allen Institute for Brain Science, USA


Axel Hutt

German Meteorological Service

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Cliff Kerr

SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Sydney


Arvind Kumar

KTH Royal Institute of Technology,

Stockholm, Sweden


Sukbin Lim

NYU Shanghai, China



Yaroslav Molkov

Indiana University - Purdue University

Indianapolis, USA


Tatyana Sharpee

Salk Institute, San Diego


Tatjana Tchumatchenko

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research,

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova

University of Exeter, UK


Wim van Drongelen

University of Chicago, USA


Christina M Weaver

 Franklin & Marshall College, USA


Si Wu

Beijing Normal University, China





Past Program Committees