Board of Directors

The current board of directors consists of around 20 elected and ex officio membersAccording to the Bylawselections are held to replace three or four outgoing directors each year. The board elects its officers. The duties carried out by members of the board can be seen here.

2021 Board of Directors


Volker Steuber

UH Biocomputation
University of Hertfordshire, UK

Martin Zapotocky

Czech Academy of Sciences
Prague, Czech Republic
Vice-President and Secretary

Astrid Prinz

Emory University
Atlanta, USA
Ex President
 Leonid Rubchinsky

Leonid Rubchinsky

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Indiana University School of Medicine, United States

Shailesh Appukuttan

Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique
Gif-Sur-Yvette, France

Ingo Bojak

University of Reading
Publications Chair

James Bower

Southern Oregon University
Ashland, United States
Sponsorship Chair

Laure Buhry

University of Lorraine - LORIA (Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications)
Nancy, France
Newsletter chair
 Anthony Burkitt

Anthony Burkitt

The University Of Melbourne
Parkville, Australia

Rodica Curtu

University Of Iowa
Iowa City, United States
Membership Chair

Salvador Dura-Bernal

SUNY Downstate
Brooklyn, USA
 Anca Doloc-Mihu

Anca Doloc-Mihu

Georgia Gwinnett College
Lawrenceville, United States
Tutorials Organizer

Boris Gutkin

Ecole Normale Superiuere
Paris, France
Travel Awards Chair
  Renaud Jolivet

Renaud Jolivet

University Of Geneva
Geneva, Switzerland
Social Media Chair
  Image of Thomas Knosche

Thomas Knösche

Max Plank Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Leipzig, Germany

Christiane Linster

Cornell University
Program Chair

Eirini Mavristaki

Birmingham City University
Birmingham, UK

Jorge Mejias

University Of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Workshops Organizer

Thomas Nowotny

University of Sussex

Cecilia Romaro

University Of São Paulo
Ribeirao Preto-Sp, Brazil
Registration Chair

Malin Sandstroem

International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF)
Stockholm, Sweden

Ankur Sinha

Silver Lab,
University College London, UK
Website/Infrastructure Manager

Fleur Zeldenrust

Radboud University
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Education and Training Chair

Friedemann Zenke

Friedrich Miescher Institute For Biomedical Research
Basel, Switzerland


Boards of Directors for: 2020 | 2022