OCNS Director Elections

OCNS is a member-based society with an elected Board of Directors (see OCNS Bylaws). Each year 3-5 Directors are elected in the Fall for a 3 year mandate, starting on January of the next year. On this page we provide information on candidacy, voting and rules governing the elections. Five Directors finish their terms at the end of 2022. Therefore, five seats are to be filled this year:

  • Workshops assistant,
  • Member approval assistant,
  • Tutorials assistant,
  • Newsletter assistant,
  • Sponsorship assistant

The new Directors will shadow the current Chairs until they rotate off the Board at the end of 2022 and then take over their responsibilities. All Director duties are described here

Calendar for 2021

View candidates and vote
  • October 18 - November 08 (extended):  Candidate submissions on OCNS website (self-nominations only).
  • November 08 - November 15: Nomination Committee evaluates candidates.
  • November 15: Candidate list will be made public on OCNS website.
  • November 15 - December 13: Voting by members.
  • December: Results reported to Members and Candidates.


All members with approved OCNS membership status before the application deadline and who paid their dues can self-nominate. Candidates must demonstrate prior involvement in the field of computational neuroscience. No two Directors should work in the same laboratory and candidacies may be refused if elections can cause this to happen. Current Directors and Officers whose mandate ends December 2021 may apply.

Postdoctoral and Faculty members with approved OCNS membership status before application deadline and who paid their dues can self-nominate. 

The application is done after login on the OCNS website and requires

  • a picture
  • a short bio (100 words)
  • a motivation statement (50 words)
  • standardized reporting on previous CNS and OCNS activities
  • an (optional) statement of other community contributions (50 words).


The Nomination Committee evaluates and encourages candidates if needed. The aim is to have more than 10 candidates representing a wide range of gender, geography, seniority, experience, and scientific interest.


Members who paid their dues and with approved OCNS membership status before application deadline will login on the OCNS website to vote. A list of Candidates is presented with links to information about each Candidate.

Voting is anonymous. One can vote for as many Candidates as one likes but we advise to vote for multiple candidates. Once the vote is submitted it is final.


  • Votes for each Candidate are computed and Candidates are ranked according to the number of votes they receive and the top Candidates are elected. We will ensure that among the elected members, one student member (if there are any) is present and adapt the selection accordingly (depending on if the student was ranked in the first positions or not)
  • In the case of a tie for the last position the Nomination Committee will select the elected Candidate based on balancing gender, geography, seniority, experience and scientific interest.
  • The list of the elected Directors will be made public, but detailed results will not be communicated. Election results with an indication of how well they fared in the election will be communicated to all Candidates in private.

Nomination Committee

The 2021 Nomination Committee consists of 

  • Eirini Mavristaki
  • Renaud Jolivet
  • Shailesh Appukuttan